Friday, December 26, 2008


Substance A
2kg                   flour
150gm             yest
3 no                 eggs
700gm            butter
150gm            sugar
20gm              salt
5gm                cinnamon powder

Substance B
500gm           almond/hazelnut
500gm           sultanas
500gm           raisin
150gm           mix peel
150gm           lemon peel
200ml           rum

Mix all together substance A in mixing bowl. Beat arround 10 minutes. Add in substance B, and beat together until combine. After divide the dough, and maked the shipe like that photo, rest the dough for 10 minites.
Bake in the over arround 12 minutes, the colour must like golden brown.
After take out, glase with malted butter an dush with snow powder.

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