Friday, December 26, 2008

Chrismas Pudding

1200gm                 black raisin
150gm                   orange peel
150gm                   red glazed cheerys 
220gm                   almond flake
600gm                   fine grated apple
600gm                   fine grated carrot
1 can                       stout beer
100ml                    Rum
( mix all together, and marinade arround 2 month)

300gm                  beef fat(malted)
300gm                  flour
150gm                  bread crumb
300gm                 brown sugar 
15gm                    ginger bread spice
6gm                      cinnamon powder
12gm                    nut meg
12gm                    salt

Mix A & B, and beat until combane. Transfer into mould and bake inthe oven with double boiler. Temprature must arround 120 C, only, and bake for  12 hours.
Serve with vanilla sauce.

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